Artisano Studio Dimensions

We get a lot of questions regarding our shooting area. Consider what you’re likely to be shooting when determining the size of the photography studio space you’ll need. Here at Artisano Studio, our space is 12ft. high and about 9 feet wide if you’d want to be inside the seamless paper backdrop.

Headshot portraits can be done in a tight space, with perhaps 8 or 10 feet separating the backdrop from the photographer’s camera. Full-body portraits need a bit more space between the subject and the photographer.

The last thing to consider is the ceiling height. This is very important because it is very difficult to achieve certain looks unless you can get your lights up higher than a normal 8-foot ceiling would allow.

Book at Artisano Studio for the ultimate shooting experience! For inquiries, call us up at (02) 775-5276 or (0908) 818-9688.