2. Your temperature will be checked at the assigned entrance of LRI Design Plaza Building.
  3. OCCUPANCY: Maximum of 8 people only
  4. PHOTO LIGHTS: For photoshoots, studio lights (600W) and wireless trigger are included.
  5. VIDEO LIGHTS: For video shoots, video lights are available at the studio for rent. Please inquire for the price.
  6. BACKDROPS: We provide the basic white, black, gray and chroma green. Please inquire through our contact numbers if you are looking for a specific color.
  7. Our Studio Manager will be available to help set up the lights from the studio.
  8. INTERNET SPEED: We have 50Mbps internet speed that is perfect for live streaming!
  9. MUSIC: Play your music through our ALEXA App
  10. Alcohol / Hand Sanitizers are available inside Artisano Studio.
  11. FOOD AND DRINKS: Are allowed inside the studio, just please Clean As You Go.
  12. PARKING: First Come First Serve Basis at LRI Design Plaza Building. Our building charges Php30/ hour so please consider this in your cost.
  13. CANCELLATIONS: Your reservation is subject to cancellation charges, If you cancel/move your schedule 1 week before the set date, you will be charged 50% of your booking price. If you cancel on the same they, you will be charged 100%.
  14. Strictly NO SMOKING.
  15. No dangerous or hazardous items should be brought inside the studio.
  16. We reserve the right to conduct security checks prior to entry and refuse admission, or remove anyone who refuses to be searched, and in possession of any illegal substances, or, in our reasonable opinion, may risk the safety of themselves or anyone else in the studio.
  17. The studio does not accept any liability and shall not be liable for any lost valuable items.
  18. Horse-playing is not allowed in the studio.