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We must by crazy in giving away free studio lighting lessons that you can master in less than a minute! Watch the free lighting video lesson now.

Whoever said learning can’t be fun. On the job multi media trainees of Artisano created this video learning series that would inspire any photographer from beginner to advanced. The learning series is geared towards paying attention to details to improve your technique and making the learning journey enjoyable.

To kick off 2017, Artisano is emailing it’s subscribers a series of 12 video lessons that would professionally upgrade anyone’s portrait-lighting knowledge. Join our mailing list and expect more free videos from your Artisano Team!

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Be a lighting expert of any studio setup or simply learn portrait lighting the professional way. Lighting set ups done in our studio that has never been documented is now a professional lighting reference that can now be watched through our Masterclass videos! Join our mailing list so we can send you a masterclass lighting technique directly to you now!
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