Can We Have The Whole Studio To Ourselves?

A rare legitimate question:

We plan to shoot a high profile VIP/Celebrity, can we make sure there is no one else in the studio but our team and our staff? Can only one of your staff stay to help and assist, no one else?

YES. We can definitely accommodate high-profile photo shoots.
We understand the high-confidentiality and sensitivity of our clients.
We normally have one editor, some on-the-job trainees and the
management team of Artisano in the studio doing work
or whatever they do best. Our admin staff Marion,
normally stays on her desk taking care of administrative matters while
doubling as a studio assistant and assistant of the Coffee Bar.

Our team/staff are mobile and we can dedicate the whole studio for your shoot
and keep away unnecessary nuisances that may disrupt the attention 
of your high-profile client.

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Category: Studio Provisionings