Two bedroom family suite


Two bedroom family suite


Two bedroom family suite


Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds Resort Suites is located inside the leisure community of Crosswinds Tagaytay, nestled on the hillside of this 100-hectare development. The crisp scent of 20,000 pine trees perfuming the air and the view of rolling hills with sweeping vistas offer a welcome repose for nerves frayed and tattered by the stress of work and urban life.

Sitting atop one of the highest points in Tagaytay and away from the busy main road, Crosswinds offers a quiet alpine escape, be taken away by a beautiful stillness you almost never experience in the metro.

Photography by Rommel Diaz

2nd and 3rd Camera: Jaro Necessito and Ingrid Alejo.

Client: Crosswinds Location: Tagaytay Services: Photography